masjid near me

Below are a list of things you need to know

When you navigate to , you will be prompted to share your location,

location prompt
If you choose to share your location with us, the map that loads, will have a blue marker showing your current location

blue marker
The application gets the masjids nearest to you, shows them as marker(s) on the map and lists them on the left menu

left menu
A submenu showing the salaah times of that masjid, will show when you move the pointer on to a masjid's name

sub menu
On clicking one of the masjids from the menu, or clicking the marker itself, will get the details of the masjid.

info window
On clicking the navigation button (marked in the image below) will show the route from your location to the masjid

Show route
Clicking the reset button (on the bottom right) will load the load the masjids near to you.

refresh button